Four Sons

Educate the child according to his way. by Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf (taken from   King Solomon advises us to "educate the child according to his way." What this means is that every child is unique and must be related to … Read More

G-d’s Calling Card

G-d’s Calling Card Sometimes receiving a sign that G-d is orchestrating events can transform one’s life. by Jonathan Rosenblum (taken from   One afternoon, Toronto cardiologist Dr. Earl (Eliyahu Avraham) Nussbaum discovered that his secretary had mistakenly scheduled an appointment … Read More

Every Inch Counts

Every Inch Counts Sometimes one inch can lead to a mile. Purim shows us how. by Sara Debbie Gutfreund (taken from Scott Jurek, a marathon runner who wins 62-mile races divulged his secret: focus on the next inch in front … Read More

Fasting: Uncovering Our Essence

Fasting enables us to discover what is truly important to us. by: Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld (taken from Fasting always seemed so counterproductive to me. Most of the Jewish fast days commemorate catastrophes which occurred in our distant past. When tragedies … Read More

The Beauty and The Light

The Beauty and the Light The Greeks enlightened the world with art, philosophy and science. So why does Torah associate the Greeks with forces of darkness? By: Dina Coopersmith (taken from The Chanukah story took place during the time … Read More